Phoenix company: "The escape artist"

Our tenacity and attention to detail was instrumental in providing a basis for proceedings to be issued against a company director with a string of failed and Phoenix companies behind him stretching back over many years. We saw through his complex corporate structures and attempts to whitewash the situation which had enabled him to escape justice on previous occasions and were able to establish grounds for a long disqualification period and possible criminal proceedings.

Serious fraud: "Rescuing a stalled investigation"

We were called in to a long-running SFO investigation and our thorough and well-presented financial analysis work quickly resulted in a basis for charges to be laid and was instrumental in a guilty plea being made by the defendant, thus avoiding the need for a lengthy and costly trial, and the recovery of stolen funds.

Due diligence: "Just what we wanted"

So said one client as we delivered a detailed due diligence report in one week from the date of instruction containing financial information beyond the scope of our instructions.

Major banking collapse: "Getting to the heart of the matter"

As investigating accountants for the JDS in a major banking collapse we were able to quickly identify and focus our investigation work on the area where key weaknesses in the work of the bank's auditors were uncovered. This resulted in a highly efficient investigation concentrating on a handful of audit files out of the thousands available. Succinct and persuasive presentation of our findings resulted in the auditor's admission of the key complaints against them thus avoiding the need for a full tribunal hearing.